Environment Canterbury

3532-22/23 Christchurch Urban Streams data analysis project

Environment Canterbury has collected water quality data in three ‘priority catchments’ in Christchurch for more than five years and seeks expert services to analyse and report these data. The waterways are Haytons Stream, Addington Brook and Riccarton Stream. These were selected as priority catchments by the Christchurch-West Melton Zone Committee based on poor water quality results shown by Christchurch City Council’s long-term water quality monitoring programme. Our data collection commenced to investigate water quality throughout the catchments upstream of the CCC monitoring points, to narrow down potential contaminant source areas and to help guide on-the-ground actions to improve the state of water quality and stream health in these waterways. The data have been examined on an ad hoc basis and we now require a thorough analysis to answer some key questions and provide recommendations on future monitoring and/or other actions.

Department/Business Unit: Science

Status Open
Tenderer https://www.gets.govt.nz/CRC
Closing 6 Apr 2023 12:00 PM NZST
Reference 27104717
Notice Type Request for Proposals (RFP)
Regions Canterbury
Customer Reference 3532-22/23
Contact Details Craig Prebble
Published 16 Mar 2023 3:30 PM NZDT

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