Auckland Transport

781-24-657-PS Time of Use Charging – Lead Advisory, Policy & Business Case Services RFP

This RFP relates to the procurement of professional services to complete the lead advisory, policy, scheme design and business case for a Time of Use Charging Scheme for Auckland.

Significant work and analysis has been undertaken over the past decades on the potential for Time of Use charging / congestion charging to help address Auckland’s transport challenges, with the most recent example being The Congestion Question (TCQ, 2019-2021).

Given the work already undertaken and the desire to have a Time of Use Charging scheme (or early phase(s) of a scheme) in place as early as possible to align with proposed legislation, we are seeking an agile and responsive streamlined approach to finalise policy, option(s), scheme design, implementation phasing and business case. The work programme needs to be delivered at pace; builds on existing work while confirming previous key assumptions around congestion and travel patterns, and progressing analysis of forecast congestion and travel patterns; allows for engagement with key stakeholders and the public in a way that will build support for an eventual scheme; provides for key decisions to be taken by the AT Board and Council decision makers; whilst also meeting the expectations of the NZTA business case process and existing or potential future legislative requirements.

In summary, we are looking for a streamlined policy, scheme design and business case process that can support and respond to rapid political decisions leading to implementation of a preferred scheme once enabling legislation has been passed.

Status Closed
Closed 13 May 2024 12:00 PM NZST
Reference 29259094
Notice Type Request for Proposals (RFP)
Regions Auckland
Customer Reference 781-24-657-PS
Contact Details Ana Tupou Takau
Published 19 Apr 2024 6:00 PM NZST

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