Waipa District Council

Cambridge Wastewater Treatment Plant Main Construction Contract

This is the first stage of a 3 stage procurement for the CWWTP, which is summarised as follows:
1st Stage: This RFT, leading to selection of a construction contractor (Contractor).

2nd Stage: Pre-Contract Services Agreement (PCSA) under which the selected Contractor (collaboratively with the Council and its consultants) provides input into the development of the Council’s design for the Contract Works, identifies risks and opportunities including value engineering, buildability and construction methodology issues and updates and confirms a lump sum Contract Price that is no more than the pre disclosed maximum construction budget price (Maximum Construction Budget). At the conclusion of this stage, the Contractor submits an offer for the construction contract (based on NZS 3910: 2013) (Contract Works Offer) which includes all of the Contract Works Offer Deliverables specified in the PCSA.
At the date of entering into the PCSA, the design of the Contract Works is generally at Developed Design level, as described in the design guidelines of the New Zealand Construction Industry Council.
The procurement approach adopted is to assist the Council and its consultants to develop the design to a Detailed Design level and to identify and assess any risks and opportunities associated with the Council’s design during the PCSA phase.
The Council pays on a time-charge basis based on tenderer hourly rates (Pre-Contract Services Fee) to the Contractor for this stage. The total fee not to exceed the stated ceiling fee without prior approval of Council.
The Maximum Construction Budget is 60 million plus GST based on treatment plant construction only noting additional scope and budget to be discussed and agreed during PCSA / detail design stage. The Pre-Contract Services are summarised in Appendix A (Pre-Contract Services) of the PCSA.
The draft form of PCSA is attached at Section D – Forms of Contract (Schedule 1).

3rd Stage: Construction Contract (i.e. delivery); following submission of the Contract Works Offer, if the Council (at its discretion) elects to accept the Contract Works Offer, the parties enter into the Construction Contract for delivery of the Contract Works under the NZS 3910:2013 based conditions of contract and other documents comprising the Construction Contract. The Contract Works are summarised below (as will be further defined in the PCSA stage).

Status Closed
Tenderer https://www.gets.govt.nz/WADC
Closed 22 Feb 2023 2:00 PM NZDT
Reference 26769298
Notice Type Request for Tenders (RFT)
Regions Waikato
Customer Reference 290725
Contact Details Robin Walker
Published 20 Dec 2022 6:00 PM NZDT

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