Ministry for Primary Industries

Consumer Food Safety Insights Survey

The objective of this procurement is to conduct a Consumer Insights Survey of New Zealand consumers to obtain information about consumer attitudes, behaviours, preferences, and risk perceptions around food safety and suitability. We propose to conduct this survey annually, with an inaugural survey being completed by June 2023. Funding is only available to conduct the inaugural Consumer Insights Survey. Additional funding will be required if the survey is committed to on an annual basis.
It is proposed the Consumer Insights Survey will be conducted online, will include at least 1,000 consumers, and will contain approximately 50 food safety and suitability-related questions, including demographic questions (age, gender, ethnicity etc).
The sample population will be New Zealand consumers 15 years and over. To ensure statistically robust results for sub-population groups, we intend to oversample Māori and Pasifika.
The survey aims to cover three key consumer research areas:
o food safety and suitability,
o information and awareness,
o risk perceptions / trust and confidence.
The expected outcomes of this procurement are that we have an evidence-base on consumer behaviours and food safety practices; and on consumer food safety and suitability concerns and risk perceptions; and are able to identify effective communication methods to engage with New Zealand consumers on food safety and suitability issues. The main output with be the raw dataset and a report that includes the research overview, methodology, results and discussion. Results will include both descriptive and basic statistical analysis of the results, including graphs, tables and reporting of statistical significance against demographics.
If it is repeated, data collected will enable NZFS to track trends in food safety behaviours, preferences, and risks perceptions overtime. Further, using a set of core cognitively tested questions used by similar international regulators will allow for useful comparisons across countries. The survey results will be used by internal MPI teams to inform risk assessment, risk management, and risk communications activities.

Department/Business Unit: New Zealand Food Safety

Status Open
Closing 4 Apr 2023 11:30 PM NZST
Reference 27044381
Notice Type Request for Quotations (RFQ)
Regions New Zealand
Customer Reference C0035139
Contact Details Andrena Smith
Published 7 Mar 2023 9:30 AM NZDT

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