Pharmaceutical Management Agency

Future Procurement Opportunity (FPO) – Supply of various pharmaceuticals

Pharmac has received advance notice of future supply uncertainty for a range of products currently supplied to the New Zealand market.

Pharmac is considering multiple options for these products. This may include issuing a competitive process for supply of:

• Chlorhexidine with cetrimide - Irrigation soln 0.015% with cetrimide 0.15%, 30 ml ampoule
• Daunorubicin - Inj 2 mg per ml, 10 ml vial
• Heparinised saline - Inj 10 iu per ml, 5 ml ampoule
• Heparin sodium - Inj 1,000 iu per ml, 5 ml ampoule
• Hydrogen peroxide - Soln 3% (10 vol)
• Lidocaine [Lignocaine] hydrochloride with chlorhexidine - Gel 2% with chlorhexidine 0.05%, 10 ml urethral syringe
• Midazolam - Inj 1 mg per ml, 5 ml in a plastic ampoule
• Midazolam - Inj 5 mg per ml, 3 ml in a plastic ampoule
• Morphine hydrochloride - Oral liq 1 mg per ml (currently supplied as morphine hydrochloride trihydrate)
• Morphine hydrochloride - Oral liq 10 mg per ml (currently supplied as morphine hydrochloride trihydrate)
• Morphine hydrochloride - Oral liq 2 mg per ml (currently supplied as morphine hydrochloride trihydrate)
• Morphine hydrochloride - Oral liq 5 mg per ml (currently supplied as morphine hydrochloride trihydrate)
• Povidone-iodine - Soln 5%
• Povidone-iodine with ethanol - Soln 10% with ethanol 70%

We are also interested in supply of clinically suitable alternatives. For example midazolam plastic ampoules are commonly used as emergency treatment for seizures. We would therefore be interested in other presentations of midazolam that would be suitable for buccal and/or intranasal administration, in a range of strengths.

• register and subscribe to this FPO to see additional information related to these products; and
• get in contact with our procurement team if you have a suitable product/s you would like us to consider.

Please note:
• Pharmac has a strong preference for products that have all necessary Consents for supply.
• Pharmac considers more than just price in its decision making. Should a competitive process occur, we encourage any suppliers with an interest to participate with prices sustainable to their business, rather than using current prices as a benchmark.
• Pharmac encourages suppliers interested in supplying any of the above products to get in touch early so Pharmac can consider early feedback in its planning processes.

Product market information is included in an attachment to this FPO/available on request.

Indicative RFx Release Date: Q1 2023
Project Status: Initial development
Indicative Total Value: $25M - $50M

Status Closed
Closed 24 Feb 2023 5:00 PM NZDT
Reference 26098258
Notice Type Future Contract Opportunities (FCO)
Regions New Zealand
Customer Reference A1583679
Contact Details Pharmac Procurement Team
Published 1 Jul 2022 12:00 AM NZST

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