University of Canterbury

Gas Sensor Maintenance Contractor

Gas sensors are critical for monitoring and detecting hazardous inert gases, and ensuring safety, air quality, or analysing environments. Gas sensors are designed specifically to monitor and repeatedly measure gas concentrations and indicate higher than normal levels to ensure safety for those working in and around hazardous gases.

UC has a number of gas alarm panels, gas control units and gas detection systems that need to be serviced and maintained regularly. Manufacturers, as well as AS/NZS 60079.29.2.2008 recommends Gas Detection System and Sensor heads should be checked and calibrated six monthly. The cells in an oxygen depletion sensor typically will have a life of approximately three years (dependant on type), after which will require replacement, some oxygen sensors require two-year sensor replacements.

Department/Business Unit: People, Culture & Campus

Status Closed
Closed 29 Nov 2023 1:00 PM NZDT
Reference 28383799
Notice Type Request for Proposals (RFP)
Regions Canterbury
Customer Reference 22-108
Contact Details Jacqui Kingi
Published 2 Nov 2023 6:00 AM NZDT

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