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Integrated National Farm Data Platform

Currently, there are multiple primary sector models and bespoke council systems that deal with the management of regulatory farm data. The national challenge is the number of players in the ecosystem, the complexity of emerging farm planning requirements, non-standardised data, data ownership and management and data access.

The Integrated National Farm Data Platform programme aims to provide a strategic solution to support the consistent collection, storage and reporting of regulatory farm data. INFDPv1 is to be developed as a shared service for Te Uru Kahika – Regional and Unitary Councils Aotearoa to collect, hold and report on data to be provided from regulated Freshwater Farm Plans (FWFP).

FWFP have been legislated under Part 9A of the Resource Management Act (RMA) 1991 and the Resource Management - Freshwater Farm Plans Regulations 2023 and the National Built Environment Act (NBEA) 2023 Part 7 Subpart 2 Freshwater Farm Plans (Sections 385 – 398).

The RFP for the INFDP is being issued one week after the new Government took office. At the time of release, it is yet to be seen what impact the new Government’s policy agenda will have on the INFDP requirements.

If the NBEA is repealed as per the Government’s expressed intentions, the FWFP regulations are set to remain in place because they are legislated under the RMA (1991) which endures. The location-based rollout of FWFPs is continuing with the regulations taking effect in more parts of the country from early 2024. We expect that the INFDP platform will be a strategically important platform for the management of Aotearoa New Zealand’s regulatory farm data.

We commit to notifying all respondents if policy changes are made during the RFP process that materially impact the INFDP Programme requirements.

RSHL is looking for a technology partner with the experience and capability to deliver a scalable solution that will remain fit for purpose over time. They must be adaptable, able to work closely with our councils on an ongoing basis, and continually deliver practical solutions that meet the sector’s needs.

Although not essential, it is advantageous for our partner to understand the purpose of Te Uru Kahika, a high-level understanding of how we operate, and the broader understanding of freshwater reform legislation.

Status Open
Closing 4 Mar 2024 5:00 PM NZDT
Reference 28560363
Notice Type Request for Proposals (RFP)
Regions New Zealand
Customer Reference INFDP - RFP
Contact Details Richard Hille
Published 4 Dec 2023 7:00 PM NZDT

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