Ministry of Education - School Infrastructure

Main Contractor for the Electrical & Internal Refurbishments Project at He Matariki School for Teen Parents

These works cover three 5YA projects:
• 1, site: Internal Refurbishment Works and Site Plan
• 1: Electrical Project - Lighting
• 1: Electrical Project – Switchboards
The internal and electrical works required include:
• Block 1 (Internal Refurbishment)
o Food tech – Replace 2 sets of double hobs with 2 new inducted integrated double hobs. Adjust existing drawers to fit the new units. Replace 2 sets of integrated ovens with new integrated ovens of an equivalent size. Cabinetry and electrical work may be required.
o Classroom 1 – Install cabinetry for artwork, sewing, pottery at the end of the ex-library.
o Admin – Install laminate panel to wall behind chairs to match reception desk (height & material) to prevent further damaged to the wall. This is to be laminex or similar as per the reception desk.
Client is interested in the idea of a glass panel with a frosted film design across with He Matariki logo. This would be dependent on costs
o Student toilets –In first toilet move the sink across from toilet and install handrail next to toilet. (Toilet may need to be moved to accommodate this). Basin and mirror may also need to be moved. Install 2 laminate panels with plastic trims between basin and the mirror in both bathrooms.
• Block 1 (Electrical Project – Lighting)
o Remove existing ceiling panel lights and install new LED panel lights within suspended ceiling grid in the admin/general office area, classroom 1, 2 & 3, food tech and external security lighting.
• Block 1 (Electrical Project – Switchboards)
o Classroom 3 (computer room) – Remove and seal off floor multi box plugs under tables. Replace carpet tiles to match existing in those locations. Install benchtop multi box plus and in easy to reach locations for classroom 3.
o Main Switchboard –
- A clear PVC panel is required over the front of the revenue metering cabinet to prevent access to single insulated cables
- Cable bushing or edge protection is required around the incoming cables
- The board is full beyond capacity. It should have a minimum spare capacity of 25% as per 10.8.3 Ministry of Education Electrical standards for schools version 1.6 2015
o Main Earth – Test that the main earth is compliant to avoid future issues.
o Heatpump external unit (outside student common room) – replace damaged outside unit fan grill.

Department/Business Unit: Board of Trustees - Approve by BoT - ie. School Principal

Status Closed
Closed 31 May 2023 5:00 PM NZST
Reference 27316196
Notice Type Request for Tenders (RFT)
Regions Auckland, Northland
Contact Details All enquiries to be made through the GETS Question & Answer function
Published 2 May 2023 9:00 AM NZST

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