Ministry of Education

Pourato Product Adoption Platform Proof of Concept

We are seeking a cost-effective product adoption platform which will provide user learning, documentation and help support to end-users of Pourato (Resourcing System). A product adoption platform is software that is layered on top of another software product, application or website to help facilitate proficiency by guiding users through key tasks and providing contextual information as users navigate the product.
Should the product prove successful the Ministry may wish to extend the proof of concept into a more permanent solution for Pourato. Additionally, there may be other platforms or products in the wider Education Service eco-system that may benefit from such a service. If it makes good commercial sense, and following a platform specific assessment, the Ministry may seek to extend the use of the product adoption platform to those services as well.
The product adoption platform must be compatible with Pourato, which is a bespoke system that is being developed internally by the Ministry. We are seeking a platform that is easy to use and involves minimal developer involvement to set-up and populate content. It will be possible to insert code snippets to allow the product adoption platform to connect to Pourato.

Department/Business Unit: IT

Status Closed
Closed 22 Nov 2023 5:00 PM NZDT
Reference 28343820
Notice Type Request for Proposals (RFP)
Regions New Zealand
Customer Reference MOE24616
Contact Details Andrew Anquetil
+64 4 439 5380
Published 26 Oct 2023 8:00 AM NZDT

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