Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

SQL as a service

***What we need
MBIE wishes to establish a Microsoft SQL Server Database as a Service platform (referred to as DBaaS or the Platform thereinafter), without impacting existing business functionality.
We require the Respondent to support all SQL Server versions and editions, along with any future versions or editions that may be used and ensure full backward compatibility across all MBIE applications.
MBIE requires that the DBaaS solution follows evergreen technological principles. To this aim, we need the Respondent to confirm how they would ensure that the DBaaS platform is constantly maintained and improved, and that fixes to issues are released in smaller increments rather than disruptive big-bang updates.

***What we don’t want
MBIE are not at this stage requesting quotes or proposals but are seeking to improve our knowledge on matters such as: what suppliers are active in this area, what is available in the market, and indicative pricing.

***What’s important to us
MBIE invite Respondents to this RFI to specify their proposed solution and provide recommendations on how they can supply MBIE with a DBaaS service that caters for our multiple SQL Server versions and editions. MBIE requests Respondents to outline how they will provide ongoing support for the platform and applications, and how they will minimise MBIE business disruption as services are transitioned to the new DBaaS platform.

***Why should you respond?
This is a unique opportunity to assist MBIE to understand the market and help us to ensure we deliver public value for New Zealanders.
Given the significant proposed length of any future contract (potentially 5 + 5-years) and the level of desired trust and communication with the Supplier and the approach to managing risk, MBIE seeks a strategic collaborative relationship with the successful Supplier of any future RFx.

***Interested? What’s next?
We intend to go to market in September/October 2023. The opportunity will be advertised on GETS.

Status Closed
Closed 27 Sep 2023 10:00 AM NZDT
Reference 28091466
Notice Type Notice of Information (NOI)
Regions New Zealand
Customer Reference 4182
Contact Details Steve Eades
Published 13 Sep 2023 9:00 AM NZST

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