Department of Conservation

Standing Registration of Interest to join DOC's existing panel of suppliers for track work in the Lower North Island and South Island

In August 2022, following a Registration of Interest issued on GETS, the Department of Conservation ("DOC") established a panel of contractors for the construction and upgrade of public-use tracks in DOC's Lower North Island region and each of its four South Island regions. Also included in the panel's scope is the cutting and maintaining of tracks that DOC uses for biodiversity purposes (and which are not intended for public use) in DOC's Western and Southern regions of the South Island.

The purpose of the panel is to make it easy (for both DOC and contractors) for contractors to be engaged for specific track work activities.

Individual track work engagements are allocated to panel members by a secondary procurement process.

This Lower North Island and South Island track panel is an ‘open’ panel. As an open panel, contractors can apply to join the panel at any time during the panel’s term. Contractors can select the region(s) and the type(s) of work they apply for for panel membership. If DOC assesses the contractor as suitable for panel membership, DOC will invite the contractor to join the panel for the remainder of the panel’s term.

This standing Registration of Interest (“ROI”) explains the existing track panel, including its secondary procurement process, and is how contractors apply to join the panel during its term.

Note for existing members of the Lower North Island and South Island track panel: Existing members of this track panel do not need to respond to this ROI. This ROI does not affect your existing membership of the track panel – you remain as a panel member.

Status Open
Closing 30 Apr 2025 12:00 PM NZST
Reference 26355302
Notice Type Registration of Interest (ROI)
Regions New Zealand
Contact Details DOC Procurement Team
Please direct all communication through GETS
Published 19 Sep 2022 1:00 PM NZST

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