Ministry of Education - School Infrastructure

Wilford School - Storm Water Drainage Upgrade

Wilford School requires an upgrade of the storm water drainage system. The school experiencing poor drainage attained a high level report identifying problems with the system and how it drains to council and wellington water infrastructure. The school has vehicle access and is flat, there should be no issues with moving equipment into site. The location of works being a school does create potential hazards with when work is being carried out.

Information highlighted in 2020 report;

School drainage system is orientated east towards the creek and overall has deteriorated. This has caused ponding and flooding throughout the adjacent area. Serious flooding is occurring in the children's asphalt areas where two sumps are discharging into a nearby chamber housing a failed pump system. The concrete area "I" has major ponding in wet weather as the sump serving that area is currently not functioning as noted below areas "J".
Southern catchment area "J" all falls to a common point and there is no outflow from said point. Dye testing showing stormwater from this point is leaching into nearby sewer drain.

Outlet to the creek behind the pool room is blocked, this is wellington waters responsibility and they have been notified.

Sections of drain are cracked and/or broken, including manholes, sumps, and earthenware pipework. There are areas clogged with silt.

Department/Business Unit: Board of Trustees - Approve by BoT - ie. School Principal

Status Closed
Closed 29 May 2023 5:00 PM NZST
Reference 27363033
Notice Type Request for Tenders (RFT)
Regions Wellington
Contact Details All enquiries to be made through the GETS Question & Answer function
Published 12 May 2023 9:00 AM NZST

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