New Zealand Customs Service

eGates Replacement, New Zealand Customs Service

As part of New Zealand Customs Service (“NZCS”) commitment to enhancing border security and facilitating efficient travel, NZCS is planning to run a market exercise compliant with the New Zealand Government Procurement Rules to identify and procure new eGate solutions.

eGates within the NZCS context are a tool to streamline and enhance border security and immigration processes for passengers’ entering and exiting New Zealand. eGates are automated self-service kiosks that use biometric technology, such as facial recognition, to verify passengers’ identities against their electronic passports. By enabling eligible passengers to self-process through immigration controls, eGates facilitate faster, more efficient border clearance while maintaining robust security measures. This technology helps reduce queues, waiting times, and manual processing, ultimately improving the overall experience for passengers’ and enhancing the effectiveness of border management operations.

The procurement initiative led by the NZCS to replace the current eGate infrastructure aligns with improving operational efficiency and providing a seamless experience for passengers’ entering and exiting New Zealand. In this context, the Ministry for Primary Industries (“MPI”) seeks to leverage this procurement opportunity to integrate express Exit Marshal Gates with the eGate system. The inclusion of Exit Marshall Gates will enable MPI to streamline biosecurity clearance processes for passengers, enhance risk assessment capabilities, and expedite the movement of people across New Zealand’s borders. By collaborating with NZCS on this procurement endeavour, MPI aims to optimise border management operations, enhance regulatory compliance, and safeguard New Zealand’s biosecurity interests while facilitating the efficient flow of travel.

Status Open
Closing 28 Jun 2024 5:00 PM NZST
Reference 29329991
Notice Type Notice of Information (NOI)
Regions New Zealand
Contact Details Nirav Patel
Published 8 May 2024 7:00 PM NZST

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